In memory of Mr. Lim Lian Geok, former Chairman of The United Chinese School Teachers’ Association of Malaysia, a fund was set up by 15 Chinese organisations on Dec.28,1985, exactly 10 days after he was laid to rest. It was registered as a non-profit company under the name of LLG Cultural Development Centre Berhad in the year 1995, after prolonged negotiations with the registrar about the feasibility and rationality of the name LIM LIAN GEOK initially intended to be registered.

Centre’s core values:

  • Uphold the principles of democracy, human rights and respect for individualities and ethnic diversities.
  • cherish a culture of solidarity, friendship, cooperation and constructiveness.

Centre’s objectives:

1) To commemorate Lim Lian Geok and disseminate his spirit of justice, freedom and equality.

2) To promote mother tongue education and foster traditional ethnic cultures.

3) To strengthen inter-ethnic ties and deepen mutual understanding and trust.

4) To consolidate academic and cultural resources and explore social development trends.

5) To cooperate with all parties to enhance civil society and democracy.

Some famous sayings of Lim Lian Geok:

  • “ To create, enjoy and promote one’s culture is the sacred and inviolable rights of every race. Our country, Malaya, demands us to fulfill our duties, to show undivided patriotism, which we will abide by unquestionably. However, if the government were to use its political power to abolish the Chinese schools, we have no choice but to resort to legitimate and lawful opposition.” 
  • “ In this multi-ethnic country, solidarity, amicability, peace and cooperation are some of the important principles, but all these and the rest cannot be achieved unless they are built upon a strong foundation of equality for all.” 
  • “We will live, work and play on this lovable land of ours for generations to come. By reason of constant cultural exchanges and influences, all cultural differences will disappear one day in the distant future, and we will become like a family. Our current mission is to set the foundation for friendship and cooperation, and to inculcate the ideas of peaceful co-existence and willingness to share for the future generations.”

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