Urge Chinese Government to Release the feminists Immediately

We the undersigned organisations, have come together to express our grave disappointment and concern over the recent detention of at least ten feminists by the China government before the International Women’s Day. Five of them, are still in police custody. These 5 young activists still in detention are Li Tingting, Wei Tingting, Wang Man, Wu Rongrong and Zheng Churan.

We strongly condemn the Chinese Authority for instituting such a severe crackdown and targeted these feminists only because they planned to initiate a nationwide campaign against sexual harassment on public transportation.

Even worse, their lawyers and families have not been able to reach them since their detention. The police refused to provide any details and cause of arrest. We are also extremely concern with the safety of the activists.

We Malaysian, are also facing similar situation. The Malaysian government makes use of Sedition Act to arrest activists continuously. The aims of prosecution for sedition are to protect the government and its interests, clamp down on the opposition and create a climate of fear.  The coercion against human right defenders happens around the world, and we will defend them, because it’s about them and also about us.
Hereby, we are calling for the immediate release of the activists and the basic human rights should be respected.

Endorsed by/ 聯署團體:

1.All Women’s Action Society 婦女行動組織 (AWAM)
2.Association of Women Lawyers 女性律師協會(AWL)
3.Chinese Language Society of USM 理科大學華文學會(PBT USM)
4.Diversity 马来西亚性别团体异样
5.Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall – Civil Right Committee 隆雪華堂民權委員會
6.Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall – Women section 隆雪華堂婦女組
7.Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall – Youth section隆雪華堂青年團
8.LLG Cultural Development Centre林连玉基金
9.Malaysia Rememebering 4 June Committee 紀念四六工委會
10.Malaysia Youth & Student Democratic Movement馬來西亞青年與學生民主運動 (DEMA)
11.Negeri Sembilan Chinese Assembly Hall – Youth section森華堂青年團
12.Perak Women for Women Society 霹靂婦女協會 (PWW)
13.Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor 雪蘭莪社區自強協會 (EMPOWER)
14.Persatuan Prihatin Komuniti Selangor & KL 雪隆社區關懷協會
15.Persatuan Sahabat Wanita Selangor雪蘭莪婦女之友協會 (PSWS)
16.Rainbow Genders Society彩紅性別學會
17.Sister in Islam 伊斯蘭姐妹(SIS)
18.Solidarity for Civil Rights in China(SCRC) 中國維權大馬後援會(馬中維權)
19.Sunflower Electoral Education向日葵選舉教育運動(SEED)
20.Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy趙明福民主基金會
21.Women Development Organisation PJ Branch馬來西亞婦女發展機構八打靈再也分會
22.Women’s Centre for Change 婦女醒覺中心 (WCC)
23.Women’s Aid Organisation 婦女權益維護協會(WAO)
24.Writers’ Alliance for Media Independence維護媒體獨立撰稿人聯盟 (WAMI)
25.Youth of Malaysia大馬青年

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