Supports BERSIH 4 for 10 Institutional Reforms 

Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM) urges all Malaysians to demand institutional reforms by participating in the peaceful assemblies of Bersih 4 in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu on 29-30 August.

GBM says, Bersih 4’s demands — (a) clean elections (b) clean governments (c) right to dissent and (d) saving the economy — are universal and should be upheld by all parties.

GBM calls upon all political leaders and parties from both sides of the divide to study, support and realise  Bersih 2.0’s full agenda of 10-point institutional reform, from where the four demands are derived:

1.Electoral reform
2.Making the Election Commission a constitutional party answerable to Parliament
3.Barring the Prime Minister from simultaneously holding the office of Finance Minister
4.Parliamentary Reform
5.Making the MACC (the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) answerable to Parliament
6.Separating the Attorney General from the role of Public Prosecutor
7.Freedom of Information laws at Federal and State levels
8.Public declaration of Ministers’ and senior government servants’ assets
9.Repeal of/Amendments to draconian laws
10.Establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)

GBM holds that only serious institutional reforms can ensure political, economic and social solidarity in Malaysia. Mere changes of the prime minister, the deputy prime minister or ministers will not lead Malaysia out of the current crisis.

GBM says, only these institutional reforms can address the three main causes of rampant and highest-level corruptions like the 1MDB cases: manipulated elections, power concentration at the Executive and suppression of dissent.

GBM calls upon ordinary Malaysians to demand these reforms to end the current misery caused by corruption and mismanagement – the rakyat’s tax burden, inflation, currency depreciation and leakages.

GBM urges the Police to uphold the right to freedom of assembly provided by Article 10(1)(b) in the Federal Constitution and ensure peace and order for the 34-hour rally, from 29 August 2pm to 30 August midnight.

This statement is endorsed by the following Member Organisations of Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia:

1.All Women’s Action Society (AWAM)
2.Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF)
3.Japan Graduates Association,Malaysia (JAGAM)
4.Kumpulan Aktivis Mahasiswa Independen (KAMI)
5.LLG Cultural Development Centre (LLG)
6.National Indian RightsAction Team (NIAT)
7.Persatuan Aliran Kesedaran Negara (Aliran)
8.Persatuan Masyarakat Sel dan Wilayah Persekutuan (PERMAS)
9.Pusat Komunikasi Masyarakat (KOMAS)
10.Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM)
11.Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM)
12.The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH)
13.United Chinese School alumni Associations of Malaysia(UCSAAM)

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