Book Launch : Lim Fong Seng: Malaysian Civil Rights Leaders


Lim Fong Seng led the Civil Rights Movement during the Eighties, displaying decisive, inclusive and visionary leadership. He articulated the historic civil rights demands in the National Culture Memorandum in 1983 and the Joint Declaration 1985. He will also be remembered for leading the campaign for Merdeka University and taking the case to the highest court of the land. He paid a high price for leading this civil rights struggle by losing business opportunities and suffering detention without trial under Operation Lalang in 1987. During the seventies, Lim Fong Seng provided the leadership to the Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools Revival Movement which succeeded in developing the system from fourteen independent schools in 1961 to the present sixty schools. In 1975, he inaugurated the first Unified Examination of the Independent schools despite warnings from the government not to do so. In 1990, he was one of the prime movers of the “Two-Front System” when he led a group of civil rights activists into the Opposition Front to defend democracy and human rights in Malaysia. This political scenario is now a reality in Malaysia. This tribute to Lim Fong Seng is an inspiration to all Malaysians who treasure civil rights, democracy and the rule of law as the common values for building a united and progressive nation. His leadership of the Malaysian civil rights movement provides us with an exemplary model for leaders in the community.

Date : 5th May 2015 (Tuesday)
Time : 8.00pm
Venue : Lim Lian Geok Memorial Hall (3rd Floor)
Book Launch : Lim Fong Seng: Malaysian Civil Rights Leaders
Editer:Dr.Kua Kia Soong
Panel Discussion: Malaysian Civil Rights Movement since the 80s Chairperson : K.Arumugam
Speakers :
Dr Kua Kia Soong 【The Civil Rights Committee in the 80s】
Dr Nasir Hashim  【The struggles of the urban settlers in the 90s】 Waythamoorthy   【The Hindraf uprising in 2007】
Peter Kallang        【The current blockades by the indigenous peoples】  

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