Chronology of Memorial LLG (2007-2016)

20073Loot Ting Yee announced the two upcoming programs: The building plan of Memorial Lim Lian Geok and Refurnish the cemetery of Lim Lian Geok.
6Loot Ting Yee form a delegation team to visit the Chinese Independent School in Southern Malaysia, to seek building foundation support. The fundraising target was RM5 million.
8The fundraising project “Millions to dedicate-The building plan of Memorial Lim Lian Geok” was introduced.
20083.61 million funds were raised at the end of the year.
2009Started to look for a commodious location.
2010There was no result after some searching for the location. Until the end of the year, the raising fund was more than 4.48 million.
2011Reconsider the 5 story office building at Jalan Maharajalela, for its strategic location, in the center of Kuala Lumpur Chinese Community, along with the monorail station.
6 & 8The director board meeting and EGM approved the purchase of the office building at RM4.65 million.
7A committee of Construction was set up under the director board.
10The director board approved the construction proposal.
11Launching ceremony of the Memorial Lim Lian Geok renovation project.
20123The first construction meeting was conducted. The architecture team by Teoh Chee Keong presented the design concept and workflow chart.
6The technical team and the architecture team began to work on the construction drawing.
9The exhibition team conducted the first meeting, to discuss the content of the display item.
10The 1st charity run “LLG Run” collected RM1.02 million for the renovation project.
12At the end of the year, the renovation project collected RM1.06 million under the support of the LLG local committee.
20131The accumulated meeting carried out by the technical team was 14 times, the general contractor for the renovation project was approved in the 4th construction meeting, with a total cost of RM2.08 million.
2Renovation work began, six months duration, total 15 times construction meeting was conducted.
9The project acquisition of artifacts and inheritance began.
10Secretariat LLG Cultural Development Centre Berhad moved in.
12The director board elected Lee Phung Koon as the Memorial curator.
The opening ceremony of Memorial Lim Lian Geok with the launching exhibition “The annals of Lim Lian Geok”.
20143Memorial Management Committee (Exhibition team) meeting was held.
The Director Board approved the Program Artifact Conservation costs RM50,000.
4The management board of the exhibition team and designer team led by Tsuji Lam started to work on the exhibit content.
6Bulletin Memorial (Trial Version), brochure local museum and art gallery published.
9Bulletin Memorial (Trial Version), brochure local museum and art gallery published.
Assigned Memorial executive to Taiwan to attend the workshop “Books Doctor Training (Conservation of books and manuscript)”
Organized Local Chinese Museum and art gallery Seminar.
12Invited Professor Huang Kuang-Nan from Taiwan to talk about the correlative museum (Lim Lian Geok Speech) upon the Opening ceremony of Memorial Lim Lian Geok.
20153-4The first batch of Memorial tour guide Volunteer Training.
5-11Enhanced the visitation program to Memorial among the Chinese elementary school in Kuala Lumpur.
6Organized Books and manuscript Conservation and Reservation Workshop.
Project digitalized the minutes of the Confucian School Director Board Meeting launched.
9Public speech: Professor Lin Guang-Mei giving speech about National Taiwan University History Gallery and Museum.
12Following the 30th anniversary LLG Cultural Development Centre Berhad, the descendant of Lim Lian Geok from China was invited to visit the Memorial.
The display themes “Thirty-three Comrades” and “His Death” was completed.
Launched the first merchandise product: a series of postcards.
20165The Establishment “Bicycle Pioneer Team” consists of the Memorial exhibition tour guide volunteer.
7Implemented the digitalized project for General Library Malaysia.
9Lim Lian Geok “Manifesting a Malayan Mindset” 60th-anniversary special exhibition.
12Started to work on the content of the fifth theme “United by the Singularity of Fund Building Purpose”.

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