The Design Concept of Memorial Lim Lian Geok

The Memorial Lim Lian Geok was a re-construct building. The original building was an international style office building, in which the interior was isolated from the exterior, requires long-term lighting and air-conditioning system to operate.

The “Re-construct” proposal breaks the street-facing interface, transform to a translucent glass wall, and demolish partial floors from third to fifth floors, to form a vertical penetrating space. On the other hand, it is to allowing light penetration and air circulation, reducing the full coverage rate pressure of the original building. The characteristic of modern building is emphasized through the exterior design, removes the traditional characteristic, to shapes a new architectural image.

The ground and first floor of the building are reserved for rental, the second floor is activity hall, the third floor is an exhibition hall, and the fourth floor is used as LLG administration office. The existing additional floor on the fifth floor is the guest room and storeroom. While the activity hall is a much-used space, therefore it is located at a lower floor, enables the public to reach it from the staircase.


The design of the third floor is unique as it is the exhibition room of the Memorial. A sensational more technique is adapted onto the appearance, the glass wall extended to the street, forming an impressive interior illustration.

The bronze statue of Lim Lian Geok is placed on the suspended stage. Lim’s upright personality trait is performed through artistic sculpture. The sight of the statue is Merdeka Stadium, where Malaya declared its national independence. This symbolizes his acknowledgement with this country and forms an environment that makes the visitor feels the vision and integrity of an epoch-making leader.

It can be seen from outside the bronze statue is placing in a glass box, and partially covered by the aluminium alloy plate. This resembles the deprivation of Lim’s citizenship. Perhaps Malaysia government would restore his citizenship one day, the concealed structure shall be abolished and his bronze statue will face the Stadium Merdeka directly.

The wooden partition of Memorial is counterfeit the residence of Lim Lian Geok in Selayang, Kuala Lumpur. This is a common architectural feature applied in Malay stilt house, Chinese new village, Indian estates and dormitories, and also orang Asli houses in that time. It is a common architectural feature shared by the multi-racial group. The wooden partition divides the Memorial area into several sections, to display the story of Lim Lian Geok, as well as the Chinese education history and also the warriors.

The LLG administration office at fourth floor maintains the penetrability of the building, allows light to penetrate as much as possible. This is to ensure the office could maintain its operation in circuit-cut or air-conditioning failure situation.


Commercial building, high-density residence, or high-end residence are some of the mainstreams of architectural design in Malaysia. As for cultural arenas, such as the art gallery and museums are limited cases. Though the building is not newly built, with the reconstruct design, the transformation is very significant to match with the theme of the Memorial. It is unique in the interior design field.

A simple architectural technique is adapted in Memorial. Removes the traditional Chinese features commonly used in the Chinese organization building, enhance the energy-saving and tropical architectural design. With simple wooden partition, forms a clean and bright zone to emphasize Lim’s high moral value, his determination, spirit, persistence and struggles for righteousness.

Editor Notes:
The author Mr. Teoh Chee Keong was the architecture designer of Memorial Lim Lian Geok.
The photo was given by him, hereby to show our gratitude towards him.

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