Itinerary and Final Instruction of LLG Run



1. All runners are encouraged to wear the event T-shirt on race day.

2. All runners are required to present at the run site at least 15 minutes before the flag-off time.

3. There are plenty of car parks in the stadium. However, participants are encouraged to car pool so as to reduce traffic congestion.

4. Baggage deposit services are available but baggages are deposited at your own risk. Runners are advised not to bring any valuable items as the organizers shall not be responsible for any losses. Unclaimed baggages by 10.00am shall be disposed-off.

5. The official flag-off times  are as follows:

5km categories …… 07:00am             10 km categories …… 07:10am

6. All runners are required to wear bib numbers and timing chip assigned to them. The bib number must be pinned at chest level to facilitate recording by our crews at check points.

7. Substitution and changing of categories is NOT allowed. The bibs and timing chips are strictly not transferable. Any runner who does not abide to the category registered for OR running with other runner’s bib and timing chip will be disqualified.

8. Any runners having history of physical ailment should consult their doctor before participating in the run.

9. All results are technically assisted by FTAAA officials.  The organizer’s decision is final in the event of any dispute.

10. There are water stations along the routes.

11. All runners should follow the TBJRC signage along the track. Beware of pot holes, bumps etc, mind your steps and have fun.

12. The event ends at 10am.  All runners who could not complete the run by 10am MUST stop and return to the finishing point with our sweeper transport.

13. All running results will be published on LLG Cultural Development Centre official website within one month for your convenience and download of e-certificate.

14. All exits at the car park will be closed during the event. Anyone wishes to exit early before the end of the run will be subjected to security screening.

15. Toilets are open from 5.00am till 10.00am.

16. No bibs and event t/shirt shall be issued during the race day. All participants are to collect their bibs and t/shirts on the designated collection day, time and venue.

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