'Gadoh' Screening at SMJK Hwa Lian Mentakab

Pahang Chinese Schools’ Alumni Association and SMJK Hwa Lian Mentakab Alumni Association jointly organized a ‘Gadoh’ movie screening and sharing program at the hall of SMJK Hwa Lian Mentakab. Students from all ethnic groups took part in the program. They and felt that the movie touched their heart. (Editor’s note : This program was promoted by LLG Cultural Development Centre)

The movie reflects reality of a multiethnic society, Chinese and Malay students in the movie were hostile to each other owing to did not understand the other ethnics’ culture.

The president of SMJK Hwa Lian Mentakab Alumni Association Ms Gan said that students of two ethnic groups involved in fighting which expressed in the movie was the exact situation of problematic students of today, the movie could foster mutual understanding and unity among the students.

LLG’s senior executive was sharing the movie with students after the screening.

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