Ten Resolutions adopted at the 2010 AGM on 20th June 2010

1. We demand the Federal Government to right the injustice done on Mr. Lim Lian Geok , to recognize his contribution to the country; to apologise publicly for revoking his citizenship 49 years ago, and to lift the ban on his book “Hui Yu Pian Pian Lu” ;

2. We urge the Federal Government to exercise its duty in providing public education, that is to build multi stream schools fairly according to  community’s needs, to train and provide sufficient teaching staff for these multi stream schools, and to safeguard the basic human rights of each and every student of accessing to equal education resource;

3. We urge the Federal Government to stop discrimination against Chinese and Tamil schools as well as  national type secondary schools by abolishing the unwritten system of “full grant-in-aid”(bantuan penuh) and “partial grant-in-aid”(bantuan modal), ensuring all Chinese and Tamil schools also benefit from the “centralized allocation system” with fair and rational allocation;

4. We urge the Federal Government to institutionalize the financial allocations to independent Chinese schools, or to provide land for them to be self sustainable financially. We also urge the Federal Government to recognize the Unified Examination Certificate of Chinese Independent schools, and to allow Chinese community to reinstate those closed Chinese Independent Schools or to set up new ones;

5.  We urge the Federal Government to abolish University and University College Act, and to form new law to protect university students’ democratic rights, university’s autonomy and academic freedom;

6. Wurge the federal government to review thoroughly the Aboriginal peoples Act, to institutionalize indigenous people’s native customary rights, and to ensure the right to education of indigenous people in remote areas;

7. We urge the government to abolish Internal Security Act, Sedition Act and Printing Presses and Publications Act; to unconditionally release all ISA detainees, and to pay reasonable compensation to those who had been detained under ISA, This is to ensure that human rights are to be protected, justice is to prevail and a just, free and democratic society can be hoped for

8. Wurge all levels of government to cooperate to implement the democratization agenda, gradually restoring local government election and instituting freedom of information act; meanwhile reforming election commission to ensure fair and impartial election process

9. We urge the federal government to reform Royal Malaysian Police, and to loosen the rein on the anti corruption commission, letting the two enforcement institutions be independent and be responsible and answerable only to the parliament.

10. We urge the government to respect people’s religious right, allowing people to freely exercise, preach and develop their religion in accordance with constitutional principles;

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